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Board Certified in Adult Psychiatry Board Certified in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
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**Please note that Dr. Schulte is not contracted with any insurance carriers or medicare. Fees are due at time of service and we accept cash, checks, and all credit cards. Billing to third parties must be arranged in advance with our staff.

We do provide clients with all necessary documentation to submit to the client's  insurance carrier for reimbursement.  The amount you can expect to be reimbursed will depend on your carrier and the type of plan you have with them.  If you are planning to use insurance, we strongly encourage you to call the "800" number on the back of your insurance card to find out at what level your company will reimburse you for services for an "out of network" provider.  If your insurance carrier is one that will reimburse you for our services we will be happy to speak with an insurance representative, if necessary, to insure proper claim submission.  In most cases, it will simply be faxing our Superbill (provided to you at the conclusion of your visit) to your carrier's claims department.  Unfortunately, Medicare will not reimburse for our servies as we are "opted out" of Medicare.

Dr. Schulte's sessions are as follows:                                      

Initial Evaluation (1 1/2 hours) :  New patients unknown to Dr. Schulte and some new patients known to Dr. Schulte but with whom he has not had adequate contact to provide sufficient background to create a framework for further treatment. 

Initial Evaluation (1 hour): Generally, new patients with whom Dr. Schulte has already had multiple contacts through a family member and on whom he has sufficient background to lay foundation for further individual work.        

Full Therapy Session (1 hour): Psychotherapy with or without medication management (talking therapy).        

"Med Check" Session (1/2 hour):  "Mini therapy" session for purpose of medication management and routine questions.

*Phone appointments are available to existing clients by prior arrangement.  Please speak with Judi or Jaz to schedule.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance regarding scheduling or payment please do not hesitate to contact us- we are here to help: